Chef Knives and Accessories

Pro Chef Knives Designed for precision and durability, these professional chef knives are perfect for school kitchens. Featuring ergonomic handles for safe and comfortable use, they ensure students and staff can chop, slice, and dice with ease.

Colour-Coded Knives Enhance kitchen safety and hygiene with our colour-coded knives. Ideal for preventing cross-contamination, each knife is designated for specific food types, making them essential tools in any school catering setup.

Knife Racks and Boxes Keep your kitchen organized and safe with our sturdy knife racks and boxes. These storage solutions help maintain blade sharpness and prevent accidents, ensuring a secure environment for students and staff.

Knife Sharpeners Maintain the sharpness and efficiency of your knives with our easy-to-use knife sharpeners. Regular sharpening ensures precise cuts and extends the lifespan of your kitchen tools.

Scissors & Peelers Our high-quality scissors and peelers are designed for versatility and ease of use, making food preparation tasks quick and efficient. Perfect for any school kitchen, they help streamline meal prep processes.

Equip your school kitchen with these essential knives and accessories, designed to promote safety, hygiene, and efficiency in food preparation.