Racking and Trolleys for Schools

Heavy-Duty Storage Racks Maximise your kitchen storage with our heavy-duty storage racks. Designed for durability and easy access, these racks help keep your kitchen organised and efficient, perfect for storing bulk supplies and equipment.

Mobile Trolleys Enhance kitchen mobility with our versatile mobile trolleys. Ideal for transporting food, equipment, and supplies, these trolleys are sturdy, easy to manoeuvre, and essential for a busy school kitchen.

Ingredient Bins and Shelving Keep ingredients fresh and accessible with our high-quality ingredient bins and shelving units. These storage solutions help maintain an organised and hygienic kitchen environment.

Utility Carts Streamline your kitchen operations with our utility carts. Perfect for transporting dishes, ingredients, and utensils, these carts are designed for ease of use and durability, making meal prep and cleanup more efficient.

Equip your school kitchen with these essential racking and trolleys to enhance storage, organisation, and mobility, ensuring a smooth and efficient food preparation process.

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