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Our easy-to-use Dual Fuel Ranges are a must-have for your professional kitchen to be a success. Dual Fuel Ranges offer you versatility in cooking styles with the combination of six gas burners, plus a fan-assisted electric oven. These powerful Dual Fuel Ranges will be the ideal companion for your busy chef, offering greater efficiency and heating to the required temperature quicker than most other ranges on the market. We hand-select our high-quality Dual Fuel Ranges to ensure that we only supply ranges that are suitable for rigorous everyday use. Each appliance is built to last, reliable, and user-friendly. With our industry experience, we will only select the very best cooking appliances that are the most suited for busy school kitchens.

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Why choose Dual Fuel Ranges?

  • Excellent value for money
  • High-quality
  • Powerful multi-functional performance
  • Suitable for busy kitchens

What are Dual Fuel Ranges?

Dual Fuel Ranges are cooking appliances that include a gas cooktop and an electric oven. These powerful multi-functional cooking appliances provide precision and consistency resulting in
exceptional cooking quality, even when cooking high volumes of food.

How do you clean Dual Fuel Ranges?

With ease! Stainless steel and cast iron are exceptionally easy to clean. A few quick wipes and you can consider the job done! Plus, these ranges include a pressed hob, which makes efficient cleaning even easier.