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You’ll never lose track of time if you have this Hygiplas countdown timer nearby,  It can count up or down from 99mins 59secs, sounding a loud alarm at the end to notify you that time is up.

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The versatile timer can be placed anywhere – it has a foldaway stand for positioning on a work surface, and a rear magnet for attaching to a fridge or freezer door. It’s even got a handy pocket clip too, so you can take your timer with you when you’re on the move. The countdown is shown on a clear and easy-to-read digital display, which is highly visible with even the quickest of glances during a busy shift.

  • Dimensions 2 1/2(H)x 2 1/2(W)”/ 63 x 63mm
  • Foldaway stand means timer can be placed on any work surface
  • 99mins 59secs countdown ideal for timing longer kitchen tasks
  • Three-button control panel is quick and simple to set up
  • Large and clear digital display makes it easy to keep track of time
  • Rear magnet will easily attach to fridge or freezer doors
  • Pocket clip to carry your timer with you when on the move
  • Loud 80dB alarm is easy to hear when you’re working on other jobs