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This Chefsrange Planetary mixer is specifically designed for confectionery and food work . Fitted with a choice of 3 speed controls allowing the appropriate speed to be selected for each type of mix it is ideal for dough, mashed potato, whipping creams and mouses and cakes.

The Planetary Mixer Chefs Range (3 sizes) mixes large quantities of ingredients with ease, saving catering professionals much-needed time. This excellent range has been designed with catering professionals in mind and is a must-have for every modern professional or commercial kitchen. The Planetary Mixer Chefs Range (3 sizes) features an agitator that efficiently moves ingredients around the removable stainless-steel bowl. The mixer includes a range of handy mixing attachments such as a hook, beater, and wire whisk, making it a worthwhile investment for all modern kitchens. The robust Planetary Mixer Chefs Range (3 sizes) is ideal for intensive use in busy modern kitchens. This excellent appliance is versatile and comes in 3 different sizes. It also has multiple speed options, so it can be used for a variety of mixes.

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Why choose the Planetary Mixer Chefs Range (3 sizes)?

  • Robust
  • Versatile
  • 3 different sizes
  • Multiple speed options
  • Includes mixing attachments

What can the Planetary Mixer Chefs Range (3 sizes) be used for?​
The Planetary Mixer Chefs Range (3 sizes) has so many different uses, making it a fantastic investment! It can be used for mixing all types of dough, cakes, whipped toppings, sauces, and even meats.

  • Stainless steel Bowl
  • 3  speed controls  – allows the correct speed to be set depending on product being mixed
  • Heavy duty gear transmission
  • Mixing speeds – 110/178/355rpm
  • Ease of use – quick raising and lowering of bowl by lever action
  • Fitted with waterproof start/stop button and emergency stop button
  • Safety – fitted with guard and safety shut off switch when guard is opened
  • Silver Enamel painted finish
  • Supplied with wire whisk, hook and Beater
  • On site warranty – 12 months parts and labour

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