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The Sammic Heavy Duty Slicer (3 Sizes) expertly slices with ease, saving catering professionals much-needed time. This excellent machine has been designed with catering professionals in mind and is a must-have for every modern professional or commercial kitchen.

The Sammic Heavy Duty Slicer (3 Sizes) features a heavy-duty ventilated motor, necessary for a busy kitchen. It also comes equipped with a ring, carriage lock, and blade removal and sharpening tool, making it a worthwhile investment for all professional kitchens.

The robust and powerful Sammic Heavy Duty Slicer (3 Sizes) is ideal for intensive use. This excellent preparation machine is versatile and has adjustable cutting thickness. It is also available in three different sizes, ensuring you can select the appliance that best suits your needs.

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Why choose the Sammic Heavy Duty Slicer (3 sizes)?

  • Robust
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable cutting thickness
  • Powerful performance

Is the Sammic Heavy Duty Slicer (3 Sizes) suitable for a busy kitchen?​

Yes. It is a professional preparation machine that is made from high-quality aluminium alloy and features a high-power ventilated motor. This versatile slicer features adjustable cutting thickness and is available in three different sizes.

Is the Sammic Heavy Duty Slicer (3 Sizes) easy to clean?​

Yes. It is made of anticorrosive aluminium alloy and is mounted on lubricated bearings for easier access to hard-to-read areas.

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