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This metal shelf is compatible with our Front Loading Insulated Boxes. It’s an ideal solution if you need to divide the inside of the box into multiple compartments.


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The shelf is easy to fit in the box, just slide in one of the ridges on the sides of the inside of the box. Due to the multiple ridges in the box’s walls, you can split it into different size compartments depending on your catering needs.

This product is dishwasher safe. It is also suitable for transporting hot dishes such as gastronorms and other oven dishes.

Especially designed for use with one of our Front Loading Insulated Boxes, but can also fit into other carriers. The shelves are made out of high quality metal. This makes them great for transporting heavier items safely as will not collapse under the weight.


Shelf Dimensions:

Length – 53cm (20.9 inches)

Width – 32.5cm (12.8 inches)

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